Pennies from Heaven are all landscape photos I have taken over the years and have added scriptures and pennies hidden throughout the photos. I want to share my favorite photos with a little piece of love from the Bible and also a penny or two. Each penny says "In God We Trust". 

50% of the proceeds will go to a local organization that helps with people dealing with domestic violence. 

I visited a store and it was just an amazing experience to walk in and hear the story of why there are pennies on everything in the store. The lady telling the story of the owner was so sweet and talked to me while I shopped and then asked to add me to their prayer list. She handed me a card with a few scriptures on it and it really helped me get through some things. Every time I see a penny, I think of that experience and that I need to trust in God and give it all to Him.

That gave me hope and strength. I would love for these photos to do the same for someone else!!

Thank you so much for checking out my items and sending them to someone you loveā€¦.or keeping one for yourself! 

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